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IS-1200W  Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine


Sealing process is fast and efficient. Even if there is moisture, dirt or powder on the sealing area, bottles are still sealed effectively.
Aluminum foil detecting facility sends a warning signal automatically whenever it detects no aluminum foil in the bottle cap, this prevents the unsealed products from continuing production.
Safe in use. The machine is equipped with protection circuit for electric current overload, voltage overload output overload...etc.
Easy & simple to operate. All functions are clearly labeled on the display panel, for convenience in operation.
Modular component design minimizes maintenance requirements.
Applicable for broad ranges of bottles by simple settings.
The frequency is 50~100 KHz, which is danger-free to humans.
Solid state elements achieve high efficiency yet low power consumption.
Suitable bottle O.D.:50~200mm diameter bottle cap O.D.:20~120mm.
Power source AC200/220V, lph, 50/60Hz, output 1200W/2000W.



   Electromagnetic power generator

Power : AC200/220V, lph, 50/60Hz.
Solid-state module design, insulated air cooler, quick change sockets for power core & control signal that ease the installation and replacement job on site.
The IGBT/MOS-FET module provides low power consumption, high working efficiency and low wear rate.

      Electromagnetic coil

    • Height adjustable, suitable for most kinds of bottle height.


    • Power : AC200/220V, lph, 50/60Hz.